A new era in Sports Broadcasting

“With TV audiences and ratings in decline, highlights have fast become the most valuable assets in sport for rights holders and brands to engage with fans.”

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We're in the business of sports highlights

Klip Desk utilises computer vision and machine learning to automatically edit and publish highlights to your digital platforms – all while measuring the dollar value of the  sponsorship within every frame.




Increase ROI

Integrate sponsor messages into your highlights on the fly.


Automated Delivery

Our AI detects when highlights happen and automatically posts them to any digital channel.


Increased Fan Engagement

Draw fans to your channels by sharing highlights quicker than anyone else.


Live Editing and Publishing

Edit your broadcast stream using our cloud editor and instantly publish to your digital channels.


Track Brand Exposure

Our machine learning technology tracks all sponsor exposure within your highlights.


Understand Value

We combine multiple digital data sources and tracked sponsor exposure to apply a value that gives sponsors tangible ROI.

Our Products


Klip Studio’s automated content creation and social sharing guarantees your fans never miss a moment of the action.


Track and measures the true value and impact of brand sponsorship within digital highlights with Klip Logic's custom AI.

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