Bringing content to your fans faster than ever

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Control your content any time, anywhere.

If you see something worth sharing during a live broadcast you can pause, rewind, edit and post it on the spot with Klips Desk’s cloud based manual editing.


Create sponsored highlights in real-time

Turn your content into a revenue stream by integrating sponsors into broadcast highlights in real-time. Depending on the size of their investment, sponsors can integrate their brands in a variety of ways.


Publish highlights to multiple platforms

Highlights packages can easily be posted directly to your social and web platforms, as well as partner websites and apps. And to optimise the content for each channel, packages can be resized, with copy and links added where necessary.


Track your highlights

The likes, views and dwell time for every highlights package—no matter which platform they’re on—can all be tracked, to give you real insight into how your audience is engaging with your content.


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