Track your brand's digital exposure, and determine the value of it.



Understand the true value of sponsorship


Klip Logic’s custom AI analyses content to track every time a logo—or talent—is featured in a piece of digital content, assigning a dollar value to those combined appearances. This new way of measuring media value and impact allows brands and rights holders to understand the true value of their sponsorship.


Automated and custom reporting


Every piece of analysed content is broken down into different asset classes so that they can be exported as reader-friendly automated or custom reports.


Get more from your analytics

The data collected by Klip Logic can be integrated with your own web data, giving you a complete view on how your content and brand is performing.


Gain a new perspective

Working with our partners, we can provide insight services that will take the learnings from our captured data and turn them into actionable steps and benchmarks for your business.